Fire pan Regulations & References:

Current as of: Feb 2, 2018

This is a list of known river regulations direct from the source at the managing agency. It is not a complete list and links may break. As I gather more information I will link it here.

The ULW firepan is designed to meet the regs from grand Canyon since they are the most restrictive. Typically, government agencies don't "endorse" products so gaining approval from them can be tricky. So far Moab/Canyonlands has said that my pan meets all their requirements. The firepan design with the sharp edges has been used on the Salmon, Selway, and upper Colorado (Ruby-Horsethief).


Know Before You Go!

(This means calling the folks who are working the river you plan to run)


Grand Canyon:


Action Guide to Preservation

Minimizing Camfire Impacts



San Juan River


Labyrinth (Green River)

Moab-Daily (Westwater)




General BLM handout



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