The concept here is a simple 3d-printed jig that aligns two holes at a specified angle. The holes are drilled using a masonry bit in a hammer drill.

Step 1: (not shown) Drill a shallow hole, maybe 1/2" deep. This will be the start of the first hole.

Step 2: Feed the drill bit through the jig and locate to the spot hole drilled in step 1. Drill the hole to the full depth of the drill bit.

IMG 9531

Place a dowel through the jig into the first hole.

IMG 9532

Place the drill bit through the opposing jig hole and drill IMG 9533

Drop a line with a strong magnet into one hole… wiggle it until it hits bottom IMG 9535

Fish the magnet line through using another magnet (here glued to a stiff rod) IMG 9536

Secure the anchor cord to the fish cord using a series of half hitches. Pull through. IMG 9537