ULW Firepan

Lean at 1.9lbs. Mean, it packs heat.

The Titanium foil pan meets all the requirements of the National Park Service @ Grand Canyon National Park - the most stringent in the country. It packages inside a durable plastic tube 4.5” in diameter and 20” long. I build these to order with a 4 week estimated time until shipment. Price is 168.95 including the Firepan, Storage tube, USPS priority shipping, and any applicable taxes. Contact tomw (at) suspiciousdevices.com for more details.


No Sharp Edges.

Exposed Titanium foil would dice you and your gear like a fruit salad. Our innovative edge protection scheme prevents skin from contacting the sharp bits while still allowing the fire pan to roll compactly.


Simple, pinned corners...

...securely hold the foil pan in its optimal shape.


Spars, with a twist...

...put the material in the correct orientation to support your wood fuel.

2019-06-20 15.53.33.jpg

CNC machining in non-ferrous metals, large or small.

2019-06-18 16.49.05.jpg

Custom tap handles in small or large quantities.


Terrain models up to 24x36”