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ULW Firepan

Lean at 1.88lbs. Mean, it packs heat.

Titanium foil pan, Titanium pins and stiffeners, Aluminum Legs and Spars. Final price is TBD do to changes required to gain approval by GCNP NPS, but it will be ~175$. 310 square inch area & 4" tall legs meet all known river regulations. Built to order in 1-2 weeks.


The flexible foil pan... supported by a simple structure of 2 long "spars" and 2 foldable legs. While the firepan can safely contain pounds of wood fuel, the structure allows the pan to flex to conform to uneven ground.


Simple, pinned corners...

...securely hold the foil pan in its optimal shape.


Spars, with a twist...

...put the material in the correct orientation to support your wood fuel.


Legs that fold...

A beefy Stainless Steel rivet allows the legs to fold and fit inside a 3" diameter tube. Nice and compact.


No Sharp Edges.

Exposed Titanium foil would dice you and your gear like a fruit salad. Our innovative edge protection scheme prevents skin from contacting the sharp bits while still allowing the fire pan to roll compactly.


Our Mission:
Provide durable products which help minimize human impact on the natural environment while maintaining user access.


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